Powerful Affirmations


There are times in life when you have to affirm who you really are, in order to remove self limiting beliefs. Allowing positive affirmations to sink into your subconscious mind, helps to remove self limiting belief patterns. Repeat and meditate on life affirming words. Words are powerful, you can use them to encourage yourself and others during difficult times. Listed below are some positive affirmations:

I am capable to accomplish all that I need to do.

I am ready to receive all the abundance coming my way.

I am prepared to step into my destiny, everything I need is available inside me, and available to me.

I am love, I can receive love, and I give love freely, love surrounds me, and fills me till it overflows and touches all around me.

I am peace, the peace of God enfolds me, and transforms any stressful environment I encounter, until the peace of God is all there is in the atmosphere.

Life is to be lived, and I live it gracefully, fully, and powerfully.