Quite Please


Sometimes in life we just need peace and quite. There are times in life when our soul and spirit yearn for refreshing, or we just need to hear our thoughts. In the hustle and bustle of life, the noises and distractions of daily life, can keep us from listening for answers in the stillness. I truly believe there was a reason in the scriptures, God stated, “Be still and Know that I am God” it is the quiet stillness of life, that we find answers. In the stillness and quiet we can hear the God within and hear his whispers to life’s questions.

I know some people find it very difficult to be still and quiet for 10 minutes. Just to quiet your mind and hear your inner voice. If you cannot sit still, be quiet, and listen for 10 minutes, then try 5 minutes, and increase the time span over a few days or weeks. You will find the answers to life, you will find peace, and if nothing else a mini break from the stresses of life. We do not have to move in such a fast pace, we can and need to slow down to enjoy a sunset, or just look at nature, or watch a bird. Even with these small activities you are quieting the mind. It is wonderful to walk on the earth, take a deep breath, and let the sun shine down on your face. If not outside then sit in your favorite spot, take a long slow deep breath, say thank you and listen for the stillness. Savor quiet moments, for the jewels that they are, seek those quiet moments to yourself, when life gets hard, or to find the sweet joy of solitude.

Artist, know how to use those quiet moments to unleash their creativity. Quiet, peaceful moments are the gift of solitude. They can be used to seek guidance, to create, to listen, or to learn. What you find and how you use these special treats in life are yours to cultivate and use at will. Use them wisely, because these quiet and peaceful treasures are the gifts of life, if you use them wisely.


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