Work hard, Play hard, Rest Well!


Once I get up in the morning, and for the rest of the day, it is like I am in a rat race. I get out, get in traffic go to work, see clients, work on my business, and by the end of the day I am spent. I do plan my day well, usually by the end of the day I have got a lot done, but I am also very tired by the end of the day. So by the weekend, I just want to play hard, rest and enjoy. I know I am not unusual. I like others want to be productive, get a lot done, but also I want a balanced life. Sometimes I know we all wonder, how to have that well balanced life everybody talks about. Here are some of my suggestions.

1. Evaluate your life now. Is there balance in your life,or do you find yourself working all the time. On the flip side of that is procrastinating, so that either way you are spinning your wheels, and not getting anything done. Jot down what you do in the different time frames, notice how you spend your time. What are your time wasters, when do you find time to rest, or to play or do things you enjoy.

2. After your evaluations, and you have identified your time stealers, like the internet, fb, youtube, television. Decrease the time spent on these activities, which gives you more time to rest, play, or work more efficiently.

3. Plan, for fun activities, activities that just bring you sheer joy. Put them in the calendar, actually plan to make the time to have play time, fun time, and time to unwind. Treat it as your personal time with yourself, or those you love.

4. Enjoy spontaneous now moment, moments when you find the time. This time is great for enjoying a sunset, a snow fall, or driving time when you look at beautiful scenery that surrounds you. Enjoy the moment,right now, savor it. Sometimes we miss a beautiful moment because we are so focused on the next moment. Maybe in the now moment you can enjoy a laugh with a friend, a kiss from your honey, or a hug from your little person as you read to them. Recognize and enjoy those priceless moments in the now.

5. Set boundaries, and guard your time. If you work from 9-5pm, when the end of your day has come put work away. You can use your commute time to listen,to audio books, or great music. The drive in the car, is my personal time, I use it to pray, to laugh, to listen to audio messages or book, this is part of my unwinding time. Sometimes traffic can be very frustrating, breathe, forgive, and move on. Finish your unwinding time when you get home. Tell, the kids, and your spouse give me 15 minutes. This is a boundary, explain to them you need the 15 minutes to unwind, so don’t come to you with anything, for 15-20 minutes.

6. Finally, set the time frames, write down what you want to accomplish. Do what you have planned, do it when you have planned, just plain do it. Some things never get done, whether work, rest, or play, because we just don’t do them.

So work hard, play hard, rest well, live life, do what you enjoy and love, and savor the moments!


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