Five Ways Of Making The Seemingly Impossible, Possible


There was a time, that people may have thought it impossible to fly to your desired location, or to use a small hand held device to  make calls from one person to another. Even the possibility of reaching any person, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night was once thought impossible. Fifty years ago, who would have thought, that through the use of computers we would be able to communicate, recieve mail, build a business, and get acces to information in seconds. Then, there is social media, it was first an impossible dream, that we could could see, and interactact with, friends,  business associates,  and even world leaders through a tweet or a facebook post. These were all impossible dreams thirty to fourty years ago, and now they are an every day reality for all of us.

It is that first thought.  The thought that prevails and becomes a dream. From the dream, ideas then ignite to steps of action. Finally, your effort and creativity accesses the seemingly impossible, and possibilities are made. It is the space of making a dream reality. Where does it all begin? A dream,  unveils the mind to recieve a thought that the impossible, can be possible with creativity.  Dreamers, access the realm of our unlimited potential, and the endless realm of possibilities, most times without realizing it. When you dream of something or some seemingly impossible idea dares to become possible to you; then, you have tapped into that realm of endless possibilites. Here are some ways of tapping into the realm of creating the possible out of the perceived impossible.

1. Take time each day to meditate, to quiet yourself, and to tap into the power of divine creativity. Journal or write down ideas and thoughts recieved during this time.

2. Ask the right question, ans seek the answers to the right questions.  What are the right questions: How can I make this happen? What do I need to make this possible?  Who can help me? God can you show me more, and where do I start?

3. Take the first step. It doesn’t matters if the step is big or small, what matters is that you take the first step. The first step is important because it is the leap of faith step. The following steps will follow the first step easier, once you have taken that leap of faith step.

4. If you fall, get back up. You may stumble, you may be wobbly, but get back up and try, try, again and again. If the dream will not die, it is your dream to try.

5. Encourage yourself, tell yourself daily you will succed, this is your access into the realm of limitless possibilities. The difference between the posssible and the impossible; is the thought that there just might be a way. It just takes a thought, one idea, one creative tweek, and you have made the seemingly impossible, possible.

The veil of limitations has to be lifted from our minds, so that we can flourish in the limitless possibilities of divine creativity. You lift the veil, through faith, and through surrendering to the creativity that God has divenly gift to all.


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