Taking Care of You Is AN Important Aspect of Achieving Your Goals


In your journey of going for your destiny,  one of the most important aspects is taking care of ourselves. This is achieved by living a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, if we do not take good care of ourselves, we may not accomplish all that we desire. So our journey has to include self care. Self care, is care of our total being, mind, body, and spirit. It includes, our physical, mental, and spiritual health. When we take the time to nourish, and care for our mind, body, and spirit, we are revived and able to flourish.

It is so difficult to give from an empty vessel, and in today’s society, you can become drained quickly. Our world is so fast paced, and we often have to multitask in order to get things done. If you have a career, family obligations, societal obligations, your schedule can quickly become a source of anxiety and stress. You can also become exhausted and drained very quickly. It is essential to our physical and mental health that we take time to care for ourselves. Our vessel, our body, has to be nourished, replenished, excercised, and encouraged to move and flow. Slowing down, eating healthy foods, enjoying the moment, laughter, love, fresh air, sunshine, water, crying, holding the one you love close to your heart; are all essential elements for our health and wellbeing. Another key element of our well being, is enjoying and developing our creative side. Write, draw, think, dream, listen to music, create something, be it big or small, for all of this nourishes our soul. This allows us to fill our divine vessels, so that we can give and be of service to others. Self care is not just some cliche, it it an essential component for life.

Taking 15 minutes -1 hour a day for yourself, is important. Even if you have to take time for yourself in small increments. It is crucial that you take this time. Use the time to breathe, to enjoy nature, to laugh, or just to get away for a moment. Schedule breaks during your work day. Take the time to go outside on a sunny day, or a walk in the park for lunch. Your me time is important. Don’t let You,  be the last person on your list that get’s attention and care.

So while your are on your journey to achieving your goals, and dreams, don’t forget that YOU, are an essential element of achieving your desires. Therefore, all along the process, take care of YOU! Self care is not just a notion. It is essential component of your  life force.


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