Resurrecting Your Dead Situations


As I sit in my office and reflect on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus,  I realized that he took the time to get to himself, to tap into his power source. The ability to resurrect from the dead came from a source of power greater than himself. He took the time to get to himself to tap into his God power, he had to tap into the source of his strength and power, his relationship with his Father. When we rely on our own strength and power there is a limit to the things we can accomplish. However, when we can tap into God’s power and strength, we can tap into unlimited power, potential, and strength. It is a power greater than our own, it is the secret to the unlimited potential within you.

There are times in life when you have done all you can humanly do, there are no more answers, there is nothing left to do. If you have never come to this crossroad in your life. You are lucky, but then I would have to investigate how long have you lived. Because if you live long enough you will encounter situations, people, and things that take all your human strength and something more in order to overcome. They will be crossroads in life, periods in life, when you need an answer, you are blocked,  or you are in a place where you just can’t seem to make a decision. Then there may be times, when you have done your best, all you can do, and things just did not turn out like you wanted them to. You feel lost and defeated, you know you have to move forward, the situation is dead, but you do not have the strength to move.  What do you do in those situations?

You have to go, to a place inside of yourself, a place where you can plug into a source of power, and energy greater than yourself. That place is your relationship with God, if you do not have that relationship, you are missing a link to your greatest potential. This source of power lies in the knowledge that you have access to a power and strength beyond you. You have to take the time to quiet yourself, through prayer. Sometimes, the simple prayer of God help me, or I need you now. These are the only words needed to tap into the strength and power that is greater than your human potential. Luke 23:46 states that just before Jesus took his last breath he said these words, “Father into your hands I commit my spirit.” These words show, that Jesus knew his greatest power and strength was activated when he surrendered to the power and strength beyond his human potential, the Resurrecting power of his Father. So when you find yourself in dead situations, surrender to the power greater than your human potential the power of God in you.