5 Ways To Survive The Political Climate of America


When I look at the news or read people’s comments on social media, I am still amazed at the divisions in America. I am not surprised by prejudice, or racism that has been around all my lifetime. I am surprised at the increase in numbers. What that says to me is that people have been stuffing there true feelings, and somehow this presidency is allowing, and maybe even encouraging those feelings to surface. America has not become greater, it is as if we have taken 12 steps backward. I guess the only positive thing I can see or say is that each side of the fence is very passionate about there beliefs. The purpose of this blog is not really even to state where I am in all of this negativity, but to encourage peace. I will say that I am for freedom, justice, and equality for all. I am for peace, respect, and basic human compassion and dignity. That is my position.

20140328-232319.jpgI am learning to agree to disagree in the true since of the word. To respect the opinions of others, even when there opinion differs from my own. Also to encourage freedom of speech for others without violence or corruption. The America of today, exemplifies that everyone has an agenda. I would also caution people to not always believe the hype, but to investigate and evaluate for yourself.

Listed below are some of my suggestions for surviving in the present political climate of America:

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Respect your opinion as well as the opinions of others. Do not allow your self to get into a shouting match with someone else. When emotions get involved in any debate, effective communication is lost. No one is hearing the other person, and it is just a shouting match.
2. Violence is not the way, walk away from violence. Do not allow yourself to get so heated that you initiate a violent acts or become the victim of a violent act. The violence then becomes the focal point, and it is not effective in communicating your views. If you want your point to be heard, stay away from violent acts. Especially if you are marching, when violence occurs, the whole point of the march is lost, and the media focuses on the violence that occurred.
3. Use wisdom when communicating your political views. Getting in a heated political debate at the office is not the epitome of wisdom. If you know in advance that this is going to turn into a very heated argument, and the other person is not really going to listen. Don’t waste your breath.
4. Live your life, regardless of the opinions of others. Do not let the views of other people define you as a person. Love who you love, laugh, pray, work, and enjoy life. Stand and fight for you and others to live their life to the fullest. This is the best defense against others who strive on racism and prejudice.
5. Choose your battles and your battleground, Everyone is not called to every fight. Marching in protest is not for everyone, there are other ways. Use your voice in social media, attend rallies and town hall meeting, voice your opinions patiently and intelligently. Listen to those who have an opposing view, when you can listen without reacting, you can really see and hear the person behind the words, which can be very enlightening.

We all have a voice, and we can use our voice effectively. We do not have to be silent when injustice occurs. However let wisdom, respect, and intelligence guide your actions. Do not let your emotions get the best of you, and remember violence begat violence, and no one wins.