Looking over 2016 I Realized My Best Moments Were shared Moments With Family


This year has been different. I wouldn’t say it was good or bad, just different with  many unexpected things happening throughout the year. I guess I would call it a year of unveiling, the unveiling truth of people and who they really are. This year I really had the chance to look and examine me, the good, bad , and the ugly. I have had to make tough decision, make needed changes, and move forward with the positive changes. I guess I would call this year the year of self examination. In that sense, it has been a good year for my internal growth.

I admit I am not a Trump supporter. However, I see that some people are really showing who they really are,since this election. I also admit I had to hold myself accountable for my feeling toward some of Trump’s supporters during this election. I think Trump’s election has unveiled a lot about America. I think a lot of Americans thought we had made strides, and were progressing toward people being treated equally and with fairness. I think Trump’s election to president has unveiled the hidden thoughts and feelings of many Americans. Most of it is not pretty. It has unveiled a lot of feelings in me. At first,there was fear and anxiety. Then there was a calmness, as God intervened into my thought processes. Then there was a quiet resolve. There was the reassurance that I trust God, and that my life will continue to prosper daily no matter who is in office. Once I got there, I have decided it was time for me to move forward with my life, my hopes, and dreams. I will not be deterred by social circumstances,  for I am a child of the Most High God.

Although, this year has had many surprising twist and turns I have thrived, and I will continue to do so. As I went through pictures, and social media post over the last year. I also realized what has never changed is how much I love my family, and how much joy my family and close friends bring to my life. That the most important things in my life are God, my family, and my work, the service I bring to the world community. This is my joy, and this is what I will continue with in my life. So no matter what goes on in the world my love for God, my family, and the work of trying to make the world a better place; will be my focus. How about you?