So Now What’s  Your Next  Move Mr Trump?


Trump is now the president-elect, I did not vote for him, but he is the president-elect. I understand the frustration of those who are protesting, but I ask, what is that going to accomplish now? I see no need to protest now, save your steps, save your voice, be wise, wait and see. Sometimes, I find it so hard to believe that anyone with common decency , and belief in God, could vote for Trump. Oh but they have, and his supporters say, they wanted a change. I hear, I see, and maybe all will get just what they asked for, a change. My question is, what kind of change will it be? Will it be a change for the better, or will it be a change that will change the lives of our children, and children’s children?  Or will it be the positive change you hoped for. Is the change you are hoping for freedom, equality, and justice for all, or is it a change for a chosen few? Be careful, you just might get what you asked for. I also have to wait, and see, breathe, and pray for the best. I also have to find a way  to not expect the worse. America is reacting, and not thinking, sometime you have to be quiet, breathe, and wait. That, America is where we are, in this moment of time.

  I admit some of my fear, is that America will digress, where freedom for all, is just a dream long passed, that may never manifest. Therefore, before I react, and let my fears get the best of me, I will wait, I will see. Yet, I will not stand by idily. I will listen, I will educate myself, I will not be silent when wrongs are committed. I will not sleep on how others are treated, I will not sleep on justice for all, I will not sleep on teating all equally. I will make my voice heard, when it needs to be heard. I will march, when the steps lead to justice and equality for all. However, now, in this moment I will wait to see what is next Mr. Trump.

But, I ask you Mr Trump, now that you have won the election. Will you make bigoted, racist statements, and policies. Will your past dictate your future? Will you leave a legacy, of hatred and bigotry? Will the history books, tell your story truthfully, and what do you want them to say about you?  Will your legacy be one of inequality, will you serve all Americans, or just the ones who believe you will make America great again? Is the slogan, I will make America great again, the code word for I will take you back to an America where bigotry and racism was the theme of the day. I say not again, and not on my watch. I will wait, I will give you a chance, but I am not asleep. My eyes are fully open, my mouth is shut, but it will speak loudly if it needs to. My feet are not tired for they will march and protest for equality. In the meantime, I will breathe, and I will wait and see, what is your next move? Think about all that can be gained and lost, with your next move. The state of America is in your hands, and it really isn’t all about you, or a chosen few.


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