The exploration of you


     As I sit here lazily gazing out my window on this beautiful Saturday morning. I am amused by something that has been stirring in my soul for the past week or so. What if I went on this awesome adventure, where I explored new and exciting places I had never been, really experienced life in new ways, by literally savoring every moment. What if I viewed myself from new eyes, not in the self condemning way that I had learned from society, but saw myself in truth. “Fearfully and wonderfully made, as described by God in the bible. What if I explored my life, celebrating every aspect of it, reveling in every single detail of my journey in this thing called life. What if I really took the time to experience life, my life, as an exploration, and new adventure with the goal of finding out more about me. What if each relationship, failure, triumph, or day to day routine, really was about exploring the depths of myself, and the world around me. What kind of life would I live?

    So today, as I sit to write this blog, I plan on going on this brave new adventure, of exploring me at 50+. However, it is not about age, or race, or any of those things we use to define or separate ourselves. It is about finding out, and enjoying the woman I have become now, at this moment. I invite you to join me on your own adventure. As I think of it it is a very spiritual adventure, which for me is soothing. I am exploring me, now at this time of my life. As I age, learn, grow and experience. I begin my exploration today, first by exploring who I have become in these 57 years of living on this planet. A lot has happened, I lived, loved, divorced, lost and bounced back from lost. I have laughed so hard I almost wet my pants, and I have cried so hard my soul ached. Yet I have been resilient, I attribute my resiliency to the spirit of God in me. Today I choose to explore the spirit of resiliency in me, in others. It is a quality of the human spirit that fascinates and inspires me. So in the months to come, I will be on the journey of exploring the depths of my soul. I invite you to come along on my journey, or better yet take your own journey. Write about it, speak to someone about it, but do take the journey of exploring self. This is day one of my journey. Somethings I will share in this blog, other experiences, I will keep to myself. I anticipate learning, refining, and restoring parts of me that I have lost, or set aside. Here I go, exploring me at 50+, this will be a great ride!


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