How Can 20 Minutes of Action, Cause Harm?


How can 20 minutes of action cause harm? This was essentially the question that the Stanford students father asked, in the sexual assault case against his son. As a parent myself, I know it is difficult to believe that the child you raised, can do such a horrendous act. However, when it is proved that your child was seen thrusting himself  on a unconscious woman, this is the moment when you must face the facts.

My answer to this question is yes, 20 minutes can cause major life changes. In 20 minutes your life could drastically change. Actually, any decision you make in any given moment of time could have a serious affect on you and others. Ask any drunk driver, who has had an accident, and someone suffered a severe injury or loss of life. Just as this young man made the decision, in a moment, to take something from another person, that was not his to have. In 20 minutes, you can shatter another person’s life, self-esteem, dignity, and respect. You can shine the light or her weakness and vulnerability, for all the world to see, and then cause her to justify her actions as well as the actions of another person.  Also in any given moment of time because of that 20 minutes of action, a judge can be persuaded to think that it is okay to slap a man on the hand, after he has brutally sexually assaulted a woman.

That 20 minutes, has caused a fervor, and a cry across the nation. I as a woman, and a mother of young adult daughters, add my voice to this cry, to say, this is not acceptable. A woman’s body is a treasure, and hers to give to whom she chooses. If her ability to make that choice is altered by alcohol , then she is to be left alone. The decision to have sex with another person, is a very personal and private decision. This decision should be made between two consenting adults. Young people should be taught at an early age, that you cannot take from another, what was never offered to you. I cry for my sisters, that our bodies are not honored for the temples that they are. I am angered by a judge that slaps a young man on the hand, when he has taken this woman’s body, dignity, and self respect.Is he not sentenced justly because he is privileged and has a future, as some would describe ? What about her life and her future. I just want to ask this judge, do you have daughters, nieces, sisters or wives? What are you saying to them, that they don’t matter. Is the good old boys club more important, than the lives of your daughters?

Yes, I cry with all my sisters, your 20 minutes of action, could change the course of one woman’s life. We will no longer allow or stand silently by and allow that. I applaud this young woman for her courage to speak, to shout, and to say this is not acceptable.