Uncertain Times, How Do You Cope?


There has been a lot going on in our world in the past few months, the shooting at the church in South Carolina, the fires of some black churches around the country. These news and current events often make you wonder, what is really going on? While authorities are hesitant to call these acts hate crimes, it makes you ask, then what are they? All of these acts, bring so many emotions up in me. I was a little girl in the sixties during the protest of the civil rights. I do remember that churches provided meeting places, education and produced a lot of leaders in the civil rights movement. It would seem that if you were going to target our community you would go for those who are Godly, peaceful, and proactive. I notice the shooter in South Carolina, did not go for any gangs, you can’t tell me there are no Gangs in South Carolina. There are two factors that I see in some people, and it is producing so much upheaval, fear and hatred. Fear, the fear that the world as you know it is changing. Hatred of anyone that is different from you, but even deeper than that, hatred of others is the deep buried hatred of self.

I was so proud of the victims families as they showed love, forgiveness, and the amazing strength of black people to be resilient when other’s feel they have your back against a wall. However, most of these recent events is not just about black people, it’s about all people. It’s about people accepting that we all have our differences in one area or another.

I get concerned when I see some of the Trump rallies, seeing people having such strong reactions to anyone looking, talking, and feeling different than your point of view. Some people are living a life fueled with the fear of change. Society is changing, and change will happen whether we like it or not. It is up to us, to be mature, and accept that life is about change. We must acknowledge that there are people in the world, who live, speak, think, and are physically different from us, but isn’t that what make the world beautiful?