Are we there yet?


    I remember long car rides when my children were young, traveling from Ohio to Alabama. One of the questions that frequently came up from the back seat was, “Mom, are we there yet?” I would try to divert their attention, as we played another game with the scenery, or have them pick out the cars they liked the best while we continued down the road to our destination. Finally, we would be there, the place we had talked about, our destination point. 

    I ask you, are you there yet?  How many times have you been distracted; driven yourself off point,or just seem to be stuck in some midpoint place, but your not there yet. What do you do to get unstuck, to move forward, to see your there, manifest.  Here are some tip to get to your there:

  1. Enjoy now, this moment in time. Sometimes we get so focused on getting there, that we don’t enjoy now. Feel the sunshine, and it’s warmth today, enjoy your child’s laughter today. Pick a beautiful flower today, watch a sunset, and savor the now of your life. Don’t lose the powerful moment of now, while trying to get there. Now, deserve just as much of your focus and attention, as getting there, does. It is every moment of now, that eventually gets you there.

  2. Evaluate, re-evaluate, and discard anything that is not working to get you there. This week I had to make the decision, to let something I thought I wanted, go. When I evaluated the situation, I realized, that my dream is very important to me, and some distractions along the way, are too costly and detrimental to my there. Therefore, they had to go. Get rid of tedious, insignificant distractions that are not getting you anywhere, they are just wasting your time. Keeping you from getting, “There”.

3. Don’t settle for just anything on your way there. Stay focused on your dream, your goal, and your there. Don’t settle, for second best, or this will do for now, it is not worth the effort. Go for what you want, go for what you have always wanted, and know that what is for you is for you, and second best will never do.

4. Define there, to the finest detail, feel it, sense it taste it. Believe it will come to past. Know it, feel it, in your bones. Your there is there, and it will manifest for you.

5.  Spend time with those who are there. Read, attend seminars, talk to, and invest time and money to help you learn and create your there. 

There, is a reality for you, you are simply waiting for your manifestation. It is not imaginary, it is the place you have dreamed of, it is there, just grab it.  In the meantime, enjoy now, till you get there.