Be You Beautifully!



There are a lot of beautiful people in the world. However, I find that some of these physically beautiful people, lack something very special.A beauty that shines from the inside out. We all may spend a lot of money making ourselves physically attractive, there is nothing wrong with that, to a point. People often underestimate the power in the time spent with yourself, developing and fine tuning the beauty that lies within. The beauty that dwells within each of us must be cultivated and pulled from our very being. It truly is the lasting beauty that never fades, but attracts divine goodness to us. Treating others as you would like to be treated, is the secret to inner beauty. There is a powerful saying in the movie Cinderella. Cinderella’s mother on her death bed, gives Cinderella some powerful advice. “Be kind, and have courage.”

What is the beauty within a person. It is their love, respect, compassion, and acceptance of themselves and others that shines through there very being.It is the courage to be yourself, while encouraging others to be true to themselves. It is a beacon of light that illuminates from within a person. You may not understand why you are drawn to that person, but you just simply enjoy being around them. The beauty from within attracts good into your world, it is what makes an ordinary person, an extraordinary person.

As women, we buy makeup, beautiful attire, and spend hours on our hair, in order to attract what we want. It is truly the inside that makes us beautiful, and leaves a lasting impression on others. Men do the same, they may really invest in clothes, to attempt to get the look of power and success, and don’t take the time to work on the inner qualities. The inner qualities of integrity, honesty, and loyalty, these qualities are the beautiful gems of inner beauty. So today and every day make sure that you, “Be kind, and have courage!” The real beauty of any man or woman flows from the inside out.