Life Can Be WONDERFUL, You Choose!


God has given us this very wonderful gift, free will, or the ability to choose. This ability to choose in life is often taken for granted. It is so much easier, to blame our choices on others, or become stagnant due to the inability to make wise choices. However, eventually life forces us to make a choice,wether we like it or not, even the  very act of not choosing  becomes a choice. Life has a rhythm, with highs and lows, we have to learn to flow with the rhythm of life. When difficulty and strife occur in our lives, it is our perception of the event that dictates the outcome. Any moment in our life can be a defining moment, it is all related to the choices we make.

The way you are feeling right now, at this very moment, is your choice. You can feel, sad, or sick, happy, hopeful, joyful, or defeated, it is all your choice. We can hold on to the past, or release unnecessary loads to make it easier to move forward. We can hold to the story that this is the best we can do, or we can take the necessary steps to prepare for a bright future. It is interesting how one person can see a situation in life as an impossible mountain to climb. While another may  see the same mountain, as not impossible, challenging perhaps; however they know they will climb that mountain. It all comes down to a choice, your choice. Change is inevitable, change is constant, with change comes choices, or even a series of choices. The goal is to make the best choice for you. We make the best choices when we take the time to evaluate the situation, thoroughly seeing the event from all angles. Then making the decision based on producing the best outcome for you and those you care about. It is wise to seek sound advice from others, especially professionals if needed. Use effective resources to assist you in making wise decision when necessary.

Your choices, are interlinked with your perception. We often make choices based on our perception. If

 you see your world as small, and limited then your choices will reflect that in your life. If you see the world as limitless, with abundant possibilities. Then you will be creative in choosing from the limitless possibilities available to you.

My challenge for you today is to make your choices, based on the premise that there are limitless possibilites. If a choice that you have made, does not work out, you can choose again, that is one of the beautiful gifts from God. The ability to choose, to choose again, to see the truth of who you are, and the freedom to be, who you choose to be. It all sounds so simple, and it is if you believe it to be so, after all it is your choice.


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