Moving Past Your Time Killers


Does time just seem to slip away from you? I know there are times when I can feel overwhelmed, or stressed, and it is usually related to feeling pressured for time. If we could analyze our time, we would realize we have less than 24 hours to accomplish all that we have to do in a day. If you factor in sleep, transporting different places, the time seems to dwindle down to less than 12 hours a day to get things done. There are so many things that are counter-productive to our productivity in life. Listed below are some of the “time killers” that rob of us of the precious commodity of time.

1. Television- Television, can decrease the productivity in your day. If you spend more than 2 hours a day watching the “boob-tube”, it can definately, and subtly steal some of the productivity in your day. This can be leisure time for reading, doing some household chores or other things you need to get done. Everything in moderation, some down time with television is no mortal sin, just evaluate yuour time in front of the television, when there are need task you need to complete.

2. Social Media- Facebook, twitter, and other social media sites, can take minutes to hours from your day, depending on how much time you spend on these activities. If you spend time on these sites, and then realize you have been, on fb for an hour, then this maybe an area that is stealing your time. Limit the time on these sites to your down time, or check them while you are waiting in long lines.

3. Procastination- Putting thing off that you know you should accomplish is difinately a time killer. It is best to go ahead and complete the task you dread the most first. You will find the other items on your list easier to accomplish. I like Nike’s theme, “Just do it!” Basically to get things done you, “Just have to do it”. The more you procrastinate, the more things pile up on your list. 

4. Over-committing- When we over-commit, we simply don’t get everthing done, somethings gets left out, or we just don’t do a good job, because we are not focused. My mother gave me some great advice when I was younger, “No” is a grace word. Evaluate what is really important to you and your family; and accept or simply say no, to anything that does not align with your families goals and purposes.This is not a selfish act, it is an act of loving kindness,  because you commit to what is really important to you.

5. Lack of preparation- Being as prepared as you can be is so helpful, and decreases the stress in your life. If there are projects or task you know you must complete by a certain date, do a little at a time until the task is completed. Complete the task a day or two earlier, to save time for necessary adjustments to be made. Teach your children by having them get everything together the night before, for school or events. Place items in certain places so that you can find them. Get organized, remove clutter, have a place for coats and bags near the door, with bags prepared with all your needed items. Make list, mark off items as you accomplish task on your list, as this provides a sense of accomplishment, and keeps you from forgetting needed task.

There are only so many hours in a day, the more we prepare, and stay focused on our goals, the better we become at mastering our time. It is also important to plan our down time, time to just be, to think, and to mentally prepare. Time can just slip away, but if you are aware of your time killers, you can use your time wisely.


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