What To Do When Your Life Seems To Be In a Holding Pattern


       Have you had a dream you wanted to accomplish, and it just seemed so far away. You seem to plan and work for the dream, and somehow it still has not happened. Or, maybe you have not achieved the level you desire. This is called the holding pattern of life. Holding patterns occur when the dreams you desire are not happening as fast as you would like or, they are not happening at all, and you are just waiting. What do you do? How do you handle the disappointment, do you just give up?

         Trust me, I have been at this point in life many times, just  at the brink of almost giving up because it seemed my dreams were just not happening. Then things began to manifest, and this is true for anyone who continues to hold on, and work for your dream. The holding patterns of life are frustrating, and challenging. However, this is also the place life teaches us the best lessons, be observant. The holding patterns of life, forces us to grow, try new ideas, and seek help and advice. Whatever you do, don’t give up!

          Here are some suggestion of getting through life’s holding pattern:

          1. Be kind to yourself. Realize that this is a transition period, and it will pass. Your time, is your time, and it will come. Eat well, sleep regularly at least 8 hours, exercise, and spend time quietly, meditating. In your meditation time, new ideas will come into your consciousness. Visualize yourself doing, being what you desire. 

          2. Prepare-Continue to read, take classes, meet and talk with mentors or coaches. Prepare yourself for the next level, while life has you in the holding pattern, continue to learn and prepare for the next level. Life is a life long class, what are your experiences teaching you, be aware of the lessons life maybe showing you.

          3. Review, revise, and repeat- Review your plans, what is working for you, and what is not. Stop anything that is not working, revise your plans, update as necessary. Don’t reinvent  the wheel, if something has worked in your past, use it again. If something has worked for someone else, it can be different when you put your spin to it. We all have used recycled ideas.

       4. Ask for help- If you are not the expert, ask for help when needed, get a support team to help you accomplish your goals. Delegate as needed.

       5. Be Patient with yourself- Remember what is for you is for you, and no one can take that away. Your desire will manifest. God’s timing is not always our timing. If you keep trying, your time will surely come. Sometimes we get the most discouraged right before our desires manifest.  

 Never give up!

Your test will be your testimony of victory, as it was said in the movie, finding Nemo,”Just keep Swimming”.


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