Black lives matter, and too many black lives are being taken too early. I totally agree, with the statement that black lives matter. However, as soon as we stop defining ourselves by the color of our skin instead of the content of our character, as stated by Martin Luther King, then we will value life. All lives matter, as a human being on planet earth all lives matter. As a daughter of the mighty Creator of the Universe, all lives matter. If we see life as precious, and to be lived to the fullest right down to the very last drop, then all lives matter. When we see a person as an indiviual on the planet, that has gifts and talents to share with the universe, then we know that all lives matter.

When we can look at a man or woman, and see the color of their skin for what it is, a characteristic of a person, but not not the whole person. Your skin color does not define you, it may identify you to a certain point, it is a part of you, but not the totality of your being. When we can look beyond the color of skin, and stop defining a whole group because of the actions of a few, then we will realize that all lives matter.

Life matters, for it is to be lived, fully, enjoyed right down to the smallest componet. The up and downs of life, the day to day drugery, the sunsets, the sunrises, the smiles, and tears. Life matters, have we become so dulled by living, that we have forgotten how precious life is? If we valued all the experiences of our own lives, shouldn’t we then appreciate another’s life? When you are grateful for your own life, then you want to see other people grow and flourish, you see people as individuals, who make choices. Yes, there maybe some that make bad choices, but haven’t we all? Haven’t some of our worst choices been related to lack of wisdom, fear, and inexperience of our youth?

The self-limiting emotions and beliefs of hatred, bigotry, bias, jealousy, are eating at our society, we can erase these negative traits of our society. Let us start with the man or woman in the mirror, when the ideas or emotions surface in your thought process, delete it and replace it with, “Every human being is precious and  their life is a gift to the universe.” Who am I to question God’s gift to the universe?” It takes time for the gift you bring to life to unfold, sometimes we have to remove the packaging to see the true gift. Many lives are taken before the true gift was to unfold, that is truly sad.. Whether it is crime, police brutality, a mob mentality, whatever the reason, or the season, “All lives Matter!