Pause,  It’s Time for A Personal Inventory


Our lives sometimes are at such a fast pace, you have appointments, meetings, work, things to do with your family, your children, and then we try to fit in time with friends. We are constantly on the go, do you ever look at your day and wonder how you get it all done. Then there are  times, when you do take the time to reflect, and you realize, I am not quite where I want to be in life, or even how did I get here? Life has been happening so fast that life has just happened , rather than, I make my life happen. That statement may sound redundant, but if you read it again, there is a powerful question, so I will repeat, is life happening to you, or are you making things happen, the things you want in your life, are you making them happen?

If life is just happening to you, how do you get to the place,where the things you want happen? One of the first things you must do is pause. As in take the time to breathe, to think, to reflect, to ask your self tough question, to pray, to listen, to plan, and then to forge ahead with your plan. Let’s break that down to smaller steps.

Breathe- life begins with a breath, so take the time to breathe, begin your pause time with a breath. A deep, breath from the diaphram, with a long 3 count, holding the breath with a three count, and exhaling on a count to three. Sometimes just taking the time to breath on a busy day allows you to pause, and clear your head. However, for this exercise we are taking the time to breathe to set a clear intention for our lives. So on the next breath, say a little prayer. God help me clear my heart, my mind, so that I see clearly the path you chose for my life. Breath again. Slowly deeply knowing the answer you seek, will surely come. Breathe slowly a few times, listen to your breath, relax, close your eyes, allow your thoughts to settle, and to clear. This is your time claim it!

Think- Now that the mind is clear think, allow the thoughts to come, discard any thoughts that are distracting. The thoughts like what should I buy for groceries, let that pass. Accept new ideas, that will make your life flow, write them down. During this time do not worry about how they will happen, just write ideas down as they come to your mind. If nothing comes , ask yourself, what do I want in my life? Who will any decision I make affect? What is keeping me from getting what I want out of life? Am I willing to change, what are the cost of  the change; and am I willing to pay? Journal your thoughts and answers. This may require more than one session.

Reflect-This is somewhat like the thinking portion of this exercise but different. Now, I want you to visualize, your past, look at your life now, then go back 5 years. What were you doing 5 years ago? Where were you? Do you still have the same goals? Are you any closer to those goals? What were the obstacles in your way then, and what are the obstacles in your way now? Or have you accomplished any of your goals ? It does not matter how big or smalll, if you accomplished anything applaud yourself. What steps did you take to complete your goals? Can they be used again to get you to the next level? We don’t always have to re-invent the wheel. Who helped you, who is doing what you desire to do. Seek mentors, coaches, whether that be in classes, or books or educational sites. Now come back to this moment in time, what do you need to do differently, or do you need to do any thing different to get the life you desire.  Perhaps you are on track and you just need to stay the course. Sometimes, it feels that we are going at a tortoise pace, but we are in our divine timing and everything will happen in its time, stay the course. If you need to change something. Make the decision to change to get the best out of your life.

Ask the tough questions-What are my crutches, my excuses, my distractions? Why am I at this place now in my life? Is this  where I want to be? Have I just settled?  Before and after each question, take the time to listen, to the still small voice inside you. Ask the question, pause to hear the answer, write the answer down. Do not proceed to the next question, until you have answered the previous question. Perhaps, other questions have come up write them, and  answer them. This session could take 20 minutes or weeks, take the time to answer the questions inside you. The right questions with truthful answers can guide you on the right path.

Pray- Prayer is a two way conversation with the giver of life, you pray and you listen, speak the words inside your spirit, in your language, then listen. God has a plan for your life, His plan is so much better than our plan. Since, He has a plan for us he also has the steps we need to take, to get where he need us to go. Often we are not listening to hear the steps, listen, get quiet, pray, and listen!

Plan-You have heard, you wrote down what you heard. You wrote down ideas, read over what you wrote; and, organize the thoughts in to action steps. What do you need to do in a week, a month, six month , a year, five years. Write the vision make it plain, this is a bible verse that can truly direct our lives. Now, is the time for you to do that. After you have your steps and goals in place, ask God to bless them. See yourself accomplishing these goals. Know that it is possible, believe in God, and believe in you. As long as your goals have good intentions, and are not meant to hurt or destroy anyone or anything, you can accomplish them. Take it in, accept this is your time, feel it,  

 sense it, see it, have faith in the outcome.

Forge ahead- Breathe again, now is the time to forge ahead! Go for it, take the first step, no matter how big or small, then take the next step, before you know it everything will fall in place. Even if things don’t exactly fall into place as you wanted keep going, try again, be tenacious, don’t quit. Keep your eye on the prize. Forge ahead!

The theme throughout this blog is to listen to yourself, listen to God, get quite, and pause. Take  the time 20 minutes, 30 minutes, to pause, to think, to hear, this is valuable time. Use it wisely, powerfully.


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