What To Do When You Don’t Know What to Do!


Have you ever had to make some big decision in your life and you just didn’t know what to do, or you were placed in a situation: and did not know what to do. I know I have been there many times. I’ve learned the best thing to do is to pause, count your cost, weigh your options, seek help if needed, and then make the best decision for the highest good for all. Finally, trust your spirit and leave it to God.

1. Pause- Don’t let a rushed decision, cost you a lot, as a end result. Take the time to research, to think, to plan, to breathe. Even in those times when you have to make a decision quickly, pause. Breathe, try to look at the situation objectively, seeing it from all sides the advantages and disadvantages.

2. Count your cost- There is a cost for every decision in your life, whether positive or negative. You have to evaluate, what is the cost to me and those I love? Is it really worth the price? How will this decision affect my life? These are important question you ask during your pause, or quiet time.

3. Weigh your option, if I do this, what are the benefits to me, and to others in my life. Will I be contributing to my growth and the growth of others, or will I be hindering my growth? How will this decision affect my future or future endeavors. Life is about asking the right questions in order to get the right response.

4. After pausing, counting your cost, weighing your option, have you come to see the picture as clearly as possible. If you are stuck here, seek help. Get help if needed,  from someone who is objective but supportive, and has your best interest at heart. Whether a coach, counselor, mentor, friend. But make sure the person is supportive, but will also tell you if you are wrong, this is someone who will help you see the big picture. A professional is often the best person for this role, as they are trained to help you through the decision making process.

5. Make the decision, if you have gone through all the steps, and there is a peace about the decision you know you should make, then your work is done.  

 Stand  firm in that decision, don’t second guess your self. Make the decision, pray over it and give it to God. You have done your best. Trust your process. Know that come what may, all will be well.

Listen to your inner guidance, your spirit. Often we know what is right, we just don’t always want to do it. The still small voice in each of us leads us to the best path for us. Life is about choices we just have to make the best choices for ourselves and those we love.


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