Becoming One, Marriage is All About Sharing and Growing


Marriage is great for stretching you, it facilitates growth for you and your spouse. It allows you to see the world through another persons eyes. I am recently married after almost 11 years of being single. It has opened my eyes, and I am growing both mentally and spiritually. Learning to share your world, with another person is not for the faint of heart. But even in this short period of time, I have grown so much. I know I have to be transparent, vulnerable, ready to talk things through, giving, yet loving, and accepting. Becoming one is an ongoing developmental process.

Marriage is first, the choice to stay, to fight for the relationship, it is the commitment to open yourself up to another person and for them to be open to you. It is the willingness to be vulnerable to another person. This can be very difficult, but it is a process. Being open and vulnerable does not mean you have to be a doormat. It does means that for the person you love, you are willing to look at your strengths and weaknesses, and smooth any sharp edges in order for the relationship to work. Marriage is all about loving unconditionally. Unconditional love,  develops from the ability to be open and vulnerable to your partner.

Open ongoing communication, is another key component to a good marriage. Along with communication is timing. Choosing the right time to bring up sensitive subjects, communicating with love and openness, are essential to the communication process.  Another key componet in marriage is the ability to fight fair, there will be disagreements in a marriage. However, learning to fight fair entails; knowing your partners weak spots, and not using this against them. Fighting fair is respecting your spouses feelings even when discussing heated issues. Even though you may be discussing heated issues, it is essential to remember having a healthy and loving relationship is one of your top priorities.

Ultimately marriage requires that you love your partner, for who they are, not for who you dreamed they would be. Our choices, and life experiences have shaped us into the person we are. This is the person you chose to commit to and love. We must remember they are first their own person and second your spouse. Couples should cultivate their own creativity and ingenuity, and still come together as a couple with that same creativity and ingenuity. Accepting your mate for who they are, and honoring everything that has made them into the person they are today. This is the making of a happy Union. Celebrate each other strengths, and be willing to work on your weaknesses. Never lose the special spark you have for your spouse. Never allow any other person to come near that special place in your heart reserved for your spouse. The commitment made to  your spouse, should not be compromised. It all boils down to the choice to keep that commitment. Loving your spouse, also entails, keeping healthy and having great sex as part of the relationship. Taking the steps to stay sexy, loving, and thrilling even in the bedroom, keeps a marriage fun and exciting. Put on the sexy nightgown, light some candles, do something a little different, let your imagination take both of you somewhere different.

Marriages are worth having and fighting for, cherish the love you share with each other. Love, laugh, and enjoy life with your spouse.



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