Says Who                                                  


Says who, I know it’s a funny name for a blog. However, it is just how I am feeling now. I believe I am not the only one feeling this way. When I was a kid, sometimes my brother and I would have our arguments, and I always felt I had won the argument, whatever it was, if I ended with, says who. It was and is still my way of saying, who made the rules, why do I have to follow them. I can ask questions about the rules, and throw them away if they are just not working for my life. The laws, of not killing, stealing, or hurting myself or another are not to be broken. We must followed them out of respect to ourselves and mankind. The rules I am talking about are society’s guidelines. Such as your too old to say or do something, your too fat, or skinny. You have to look or act this way to be accepted.

My response to that is, says who? Who says I have to dress, and look like an old maid at 55, why can’t I take what I have, and be vivacous, lively and sexy. Yes, 55 and sexy, Christian, married, and living. Who says, I have to be invisible? Why can’t I have multiple talents and gifts, and use all of them to the best of my ability, and offer those talents to serve others. Who says as a women, I should make less than a man, if we do the same job. Who says, because I am a black mother that I can’t be concerned about our young men, and talk about their safety when interacting with police? Who says I can’t talk about both of those things in the same blog. My interest vary, from fashion to politics.I like art, I have a spiritual practice,and I enjoy music. These are my interest, why should I find one niche, that suits a certain kind of people. I am a whole person with varied interest. In this blog, I write about those interest.

Who says, you have to fit in a niche, your a whole person, with various talents and gifts, just as I am. Speak your truth, live your life, get involve with what makes you passionate. When people are wronged, don’t just silently sit by, lift your voice to say this is wrong. Says who, that we have to go along to get along? Ask questions, seek answers, go for what you want, and still be kind, compassionate, and giving. Live, love, be!  Says who, that we can’t live our lives to the fullest. Says who?  Or is that you, telling yourself, you can’t do this or that. Is it you limiting yourself? Says who? Yes I can, and so can you.


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