Being A Fashionably Mature Woman


    As I check out fashion blogs, and go through you tube videos on fashion and beauty, which is a calming hobby for me. I don’t see me represented. I am a mature plus size woman, accepting of my curves, thighs, and all rounded parts of me. I’ve learned to love the skin I am in. I celebrate all women, I think we each possess our own special beauty.

  However, I want to see more people like me represented, mature and plus size. I don’t have to have the latest designer bag, or designer label on my clothes. I just want to look good in reasonably priced clothes. I don’t like old lady chlothes either, I am lively and vivacious, so I like to express my self in my clothing. I like statement pieces, bold jewelry, artsy and unusual. I don’t have to be drab. So here I am fashion industry, someone who is quite the challenge. I know I am not the only one. I might be gracefully passing through the years, but I chose to do it with style, and a splash of color! 

  Being you, powerfully is my style, and encouraging women to do the same. Who said you have to look like an old lady, and why can’t I encourage women that aging is beautiful. Your wiser, you know what you want, you know what you like, and life has taught you many lesson. So here I am world, aging beautifully, and I won’t go to the shadows. Aging is sexy too, it’s all in how you choose to do it! 



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