Loving Accepting You


  The old adage, ” If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else, definitely has a measure of truth. Accepting and loving ourselves, is essential because; in the process of loving yourself, you make the choice to care for self. You accept your weakness, frailties, as well as your strengths, and everything about yourself. As you love yourself, you attract those who will and do love you like a magnet. You no longer accept disrespect and ill-regard from others. You take care of yourself, mentally, physically, and spiritually. You really hold yourself in high regard.

   This is not egotistical or selfish, it’s beneficial for your interaction in the world. It teaches others how to treat you. Loving yourself , is key in relationships, it mirrors to others how you expect to be treated. It is vital to respect and accept ourselves, to set the standard of how we expect to be treated by others. If you love yourself you will not beg, or demean yourself in any way,in order to win someone’s love. Your mate will see, you are confident, warm, and intelligent by the way you dress, act, and interact with others. Loving yourself sets the tone for all relationship. It displays, “I treat myself with dignity and kindness and I expect nothing less fom anyone else.”

    The aspect of accepting yourself, just as you are, at this moment, maybe more difficult for some. Accepting yourself, does not mean, that their are not areas that you could improve on. It’s just exclaiming I accept myself fully and completely. Whether I am thin, full sized, short, tall, straight or gay. I am fearfully, and wonderfully made, as stated in the bible.  It portrays to the world, I love all of me, every inch, from my full hips, or thin lips, their mine, and they are beautiful. Accepting yourself is  celebrating your accomplishments, not playing small, and standing in your own truth. It’s owning who you are. Owning the good and not so good, and encouraging  others to accept themselves as well. It’s being perfectly, imperfect, a term I heard some time ago and loved it. I see myself that way, perfectly imperfect. I take all of who I am, and grow, and glow with it. I so invite you to do the same.


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