Linda’s loving and living life


To live your life fully, you must take the moment of now, to enjoy your life now, at this moment. You may not have everything you want, it’s about not living in the future, or the present, but now. As I look at my life now, I am so grateful,  I don’t have everything I desire, but I truly have everything I need. My children are grown, I have a loving husband, my daughters have grown into beautiful young women. I am at a good place in my career. I enjoy the richness of my life, though it is simple it’s my life, and I am enjoying it. 

  I made some career choices, some choices in love and family, the type of choices; that helped me to find balance and harmony in my life. That has become so important to me now, I no longer feel the need to be more successful in my career, to wear designer chlothes, or to keep up with any one else. I find that I am content,and successful,now that I have scaled down to those things that bring me true joy. The more I scaled down, and simplified, the happier I became. Starting with work,  I decided to work the least amount of hours that I could in order to contribute, and make money. I am pursing my entrepneural spirit, attempting to work less for someone else and more for me. I have simplified my closet,  I find the items that I love to wear that are comfortable, and make me feel good is what I wear. My relationships, are built on those who love me and who I love, mutually we make deposits in each other’s life, we don’t drain each other. There were choices I had to make to come to this point, some things, jobs, and people I had to let go of. There were also those quiet moments where I reflected, and made the initial decisions of what was really important to me. Finally, I had to set some boundaries, and take a stand for what it was that was important to me. I prayed, sometimes cried, but I thank God and am so grateful for this moment, today! I am living, loving, and enjoying my life now. It has taken half a century to get here, but that doesn’t matter. I am here, now living my life by design, successful in my own right. Successful, by my own standards, you can do it too. Live the life you design, defining success in your own terms. What would your life look like, if you would, knowing you could? 

Loving this picture, maxi dresses are a full figured woman’s dream, threw them on and go. There easy, breezy, and free, like me.



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