Older, But Still Growing Up


I must say one of the great side benefits of getting older is wisdom. Trust me, there are so many things I could complain about getting older, aches and pains. The strange sounds from your joints, the few extra pounds around the middle area. Annoying as these things are, there is a peace and a wisdom that I have obtained. It’s freeing, invigorating, you reach a point where you no longer care about what others think of you. The price is to great, not to speak your truth. Your comfortable in your own skin, even if there maybe some sagging in that skin. You have to laugh about it, but you also have to look at aging as this great gift from God. My children are grown, no longer dependent on me for everything, even my relationship with my children has matured. I now see my daughters as two beautiful young women, who are bright, beautiful,creative, and able to make their own choices and decisions without me. They respect my opinion, sometimes., and they ask me if they need advise. Though,our opinion may differ I have to honor their choices, and trust their own inner guidance. Just as I trust God’s voice in me,that moves me along life’s journey. God directs me with those whispers, that have directed my path over the years.We all have the spirit of God inside us that whispers guidance, and shows us the way when we are lost, we just have to be quiet to hear the “God Whispers” I call them.

 Still, the beauty of aging is the confidence and wisdom I have obtained over the years. It’s knowing that, come what may, I will be alright. Life has taught me that,  and my mistakes, brought with them a great treasure, wisdom. With each mistake and setback, I found something glorious about me, I am resilient, I bounce back. I have done it so many times, that I know in the depths of my being, that I will do it again. I know God will show me the way, I won’t get lost, I will find my way through this maze of life. God has got my back! I also know I don’t have to follow the rules with aging I don’t have to be the dreary old lady. I am the sassy, happy, sexy,spicy, mature woman, I often admired when I was younger. I always admired the older women who still dressed nice, who were courageous and different. Who, knew who they were, and made no apologies for it. We all have known someone like that, a friend or aunt who has aged well, and is her own person. Well, I have become her. I wear fashions that suit my style, not grandmas clothes, I still have plenty of the world to see, and I plan on doing just that. I have friends from all age groups, and they are treasures that teach me to appreciate life. The numbers of my age are going up but I feel young and vibrant. Age is just a number. When the aches and pains try to remind me of the numbers, I move, dance, and wink, because I am still alive. I am still standing, moving, breathing, loving, and living. Such are the things of a life well lived, and the beauty of wisdom.


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