Realizing your dreams


The older I get, I realize how my dreams have changed, some have come to pass, and others have not manifested. The ones that became a reality for me were the ones I choose to focus on,and make them happen. They were the dreams that I made a conscious decision, that they were going to be my reality, then I took a series of steps in faith. Before a dream can manifest a decision will have to be made, and then a series of steps in blind faith, trusting that what you desire will manifest.For the purpose of this Blog, I am referring to the dreams, that are your deepest desires. Sometimes, in life we give up on our dreams, settle, and cope with the reality of everyday. The questions to ask yourself when you become stagnant are,”How, can I accomplish my dreams, what is holding me back, what are the physical, emotional, and spiritual cost, and am I ready to pay the price? Finally, what would life be like if my dream never manifested?
The secret to realizing your dreams is faith, and action. Faith, that you can take the first step, whatever that is, no matter how big or small. In reality, dreams are nothing more than hopes for the future. If you want your dreams to become a reality then the nest step is to alchemize your dream into a goal. By alchemize, to bring some mental changes together; in order to change your mind set and focus on manifesting the dream and making it a commitment. A dream becomes a goal when you commit to reaching it in a certain time frame. (Christian Life Coaching). I suggest breaking down your goals into bite size chunks, and taking the action steps with specific time frames, in mind. Also, take a look at the emotional components that are roadblocks to your dreams. Things like, procrastination,fear, laziness,how are these components keeping you from your dreams. Then comes the decision and commitment to yourself to go for what you want, to do, even when you don’t feel like doing. Having someone you trust to hold you accountable is helpful, this is where life coaches, and mentors can be useful resources.Prayer, trusting in God, doing the work ,and dedication are the nuts and bolts of achieving your dreams.
There are some dreams, that are just that, just dreams, you are the deciding force, on what you want to accomplish. Dreams are the igniting force for passion,they are guide post for the future. The question I leave you with is, how bad do you want it?



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