Just Do It!


I remember when I first heard the Nike commercial with that theme, “Just do it”, thinking, wow that takes all the excuses away. It is a powerful message, and many times when I find myself procrastinating, that theme somehow comes through my subconscious mind. How often I have found myself procrastinating, on things I know I need to do, goals I need to accomplish; only to continue making excuses for not taking the needed first step. Dreamers love to dream, and there is excitement, and creativity in the dream state of a goal. But after the dream, one must push up their sleeves and take the necessary steps in achieving their dreams and desires.
Often people flounder because they don’t know the necessary steps to take in accomplishing their dreams. Every step counts and every step is one step closer to your dream. Where do you begin? Dreaming and visualizing is an important step, and a great first step. Take the time to see yourself doing what it is you desire. Actually, feel, see, and imagine how you see your dream. Secondly, write it down, what, when, where, who can help, how can you accomplish it. If it is a business, who is your target audience, what is your mission. Next, allot time to getting the job done. Allot time to plan, to research, research is important aspect of planning. How feasible is your dream how will it affect your life, what do you need, where will you get your resources. Build your faith., spend quiet time affirming yourself,and your ability to accomplish your goal. Focus in on your goal, believe in yourself. Take the baby steps,buy the books, take the classes, talk with people who are doing what you desire. Then, take the bigger steps, build the website, call the real estate agent, just do it, keep taking the necessary steps.
Finally, protect your dreams, like a new born baby. Watch who you discuss your dreams with, set boundaries for your time. Also set boundaries over who you allow to speak over your dreams.Remember, naysayers, may not see your vision, because they are not called to do what you are called to do.
Go for it, throw off the bag of excuses, and “Just do it”!



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