Powerfully Me


Powerfully me, is the title of my blog, it’s an affirmation, it is an evolving evolution of how I chose to live my life, it is also a challenge to be me, to live fully and as powerful as God intended me to live. It’s recognizing all the gifts God has placed inside of me, and using them to the best of my ability, not leaving any gift or talent wasted.It is really using all that God has placed in me, in service to others. How do we live powerfully? Or to make that statement more direct, how do you live powerfully? What if every person in the universe made the decision, to live life powerfully? Some may even ask the question, is that the same as living selfishly?
Living powerfully, is not selfish, it is living authentically, being your best self, living your life with a purpose. It’s recognizing all aspects of yourself, the good, the not so good, and the absolute messy parts, and holding it to the light, then allowing God to refine, mold, and shape you into to all that he chooses you to be. Living powerfully, is actually a process of surrendering yourself to the purpose and will of God, giving your self over to his will. It’s a process of trusting God that his plan and purpose for your life is the best plan for your life.
To live powerfully, is to give all your hopes and dreams to God,and say these are the hopes, dreams and desires of my heart, I give them to you Father, only then to realize that God placed those  hopes in desires in your heart. The righteous desires of your heart were the dreams he placed in your heart as a gift or a talent. These desires were to be used for the universe, to serve, and to share. If God placed those desires and dreams in your heart, then he would have a perfect plan for you to accomplish them. The key to accomplishing the plan for your life is trust; trust God that he will accomplish his plan for you, through you. He has placed in you every gift, and talent to accomplish this purpose.Living powerfully, is being true to the vision God has for you.
Living powerfully is to live your dream, whether it’s to be a painter, a janitor, a teacher, doctor, or a parent. To pour yourself, into your calling, knowing that it serves a purpose for all, your part is needed in our God community. We all are interconnected, each ultimately depending on your part, for the whole to function. The purpose of this blog is to encourage us all to live mindfully, purposefully, and most of all powerfully!


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