It’s a New Year, Time To Set Healthy Boundaries To be Your Best Self


The New Year for me, always brings about reflections from the past year. As I looked back at 2014, and even some years further back, I realized that there were times when I let others affect my choices. I even at times blamed others for the results of those choices, as if they took something away from me, when in reality I gave up my right to choose for my self, by letting someone else choose for me, or allowing others to affect my choice.There is a healthy balance in everything in life, sometimes for the good of all, you give up some things in your life. However, when it gets to the point, that you don’t even know who you are, because you have let others affect the major decisions in your life, actions need to be taken. Setting healthy boundaries in your life allows you to live your life, and define what is important to you.
Boundaries, establish a guidepost for how you want to be treated,and provide the time for you to accomplish your desires. Boundaries allow you to teach others how to respect you, your time and resources. Boundaries encourage you to say no gracefully to people, and commitments that are not in line with your designated purpose. To say no gracefully, is to say no with respect for the other person, but still allows you to honor yourself. When someone has asked you to do something that interferes with a prior commitment, you can just say no, I have another commitment at that time. Even if the time is for you to have a quiet moment to yourself that was really needed. Setting boundaries is giving yourself permission to take care of you and those you love. God even set up boundaries for mankind, time, is a boundary for man, but time, does not affect God in any way.
When people are allowed to side step healthy boundaries, it drains your energy, and may even leave you feeling helpless and unfulfilled. For example, some of the boundaries that work for me are, not to allow anyone to be disrespected in my presence, including myself. Setting healthy boundaries for my right to choose, and my time. I have the right to make a choice, or to choose again if necessary. I do not have to justify who I am as a person, I am ok just as I am. Another boundary for me is, my relationship with God, which is just that, my relationship with God. This is not for others to define. Each of us has to define and exercise the boundaries that bring us, to a sense of peace and wellbeing. Boundaries are necessary for our lives to have focus and purpose. So once agin, before this year, state your purpose, your goals, and choose the boundaries necessary to help you to achieve your desires.






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