To be in the world but not of this world


I have been meditating on this, it is a bible verse in which Jesus was saying, I want you to be in this world but not of this world. It is as if, Jesus was saying your here as a visitor, I have sent you here to see, to touch, partake, but know this is not where you are from. You have been lent here for a season, and a purpose. So as you interact, let the light I have placed in you shine, so that others here may know there is something different about you. You love different, you speak different, you interact with others different, and things affect you in a different way. You are from another world, an alien in a foreign land, a spiritual being having a human experience.
We look at futuristic movies, and see the alien inhabit the earth, but when you have a relationship with Christ, you are the alien. You don’t want to lose the customs and practices of your homeland, because they are sacred to your being. You don’t want to lose your connection to your source, because it is vital to who you are and what you are here for. This place, this earth, is not my home, it is where my body resides for now, my genetic makeup is not of this plane. This may sound weird or strange to some people. The more you get connected to God, you realize, this world is the mirage, your spiritual connection is what is really real, and substantial, though you cannot touch and feel that connection.You realize that manifestation is first birthed in the Spiritual realm, then materializes in the earth realm. You began to sense and know this when you began to understand you are in this world; but not of this world. When I see people spew hate, unforgiveness,be self righteous, which I am also so capable of myself, I remember I am not of this world. My home is a place of love, peace, harmony, and all that is good, that is my true DNA, I forget who I really am sometimes, a loved child of the Creator of the universe, not of this world. As such I have a responsibility to be who I really am.