I’m Only Here For God


Lately the question of why am I here, and what is it you want me to do Lord has been a frequent thought in my mind. I sense I am here to touch, to love, to dream, to fail, to give, to live, to shine my light. “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” is a song that rings in my mind frequently. It is important to me to allow my light to shine, in life through the most amazing times, and even some of the darkest of times. This very simple song has such a powerful meaning, how bright our world would be if each person allowed their light to shine. Every person’s light has different dimensions to it, different densities of light, with different slivers of color, and different qualities. I need your light and you need mine, as all of us make universal kaleidoscope.
Ultimately we are here for God, for him to use us in ways that benefits his purpose on the earth realm. What if for today he just needed me to smile at the man walking down the street; because today that man needed to see some one smile and acknowledge his presence. What if today, all I needed to do, to be used by God was to touch someone in a loving way so that they could feel a touch from God through me.
I feel like I am on this awesome journey in life to set my soul free, free to be just who I am, a unique expression of God on the earth. To express His love to all I come in contact, to shout to the roof tops, God is good! He is not some God waiting to punish you, but his is waiting to love you.
Why am I here , I am only here for God. Michael and Rickie Beckwith wrote a song that contain those powerful words. It has become like a guide for me.
Each of us in our own way, are only here for God, to love through us, to live through us, and to give through us.