There Is A Peace In Contentment and Simplicity


When I was in my twenty’s I longed for the designer clothes, the big promotion, the best car, the ideal life or so I thought. However, as life progressed, I became a mother, a wife, worked hard in my career, took care of my family, and went to bed at night absolutely spent. As I chased the so called American dream, it seemed at times to get further and further away from me. It seemed the harder I worked the more I needed to work to keep the things, and they were just that, things I wanted. In the mean time, as I continued to chase things, in my life I found myself two divorces later and a single mom, who had some things, but not many relationships. It was in the time of loss of valuable relationships, that I gained the most important insights, and grew the most.
I finally learned that to amass fortune, or things, and not to have those you love most in your life is a futile effort. Things get broken, need repair, go out of style; and there is something better, bigger, and brighter just around the corner. When you get in that cycle of chasing things, you become like a dog chasing his tail, there is no end in sight. The sound of your child’s laughter, to have the man you love, hold you under the moonlight, to share a fantastic meal with friends; allowing the sound of laughter and love spring from the walls of your home is a great blessing, and priceless. The stability of knowing when you open the door to your home, there is someone who just can’t wait to see you, priceless. To hear your child say, your my friend and my parent, and for her to know that both roles are important for her growth, priceless. Some of the best things in life, are priceless, and better than the largest diamond on the earth. So just remember the latest designer purse has nothing over the a ice cream kiss and smile of your two year old.




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