What should We Teach Our Young Men When It Comes To The Police?


As I listen to the news it saddens me every time I hear another young black man has been murdered by the police. I think about when our children are young we teach them to respect authorities, police, etc. I taught my children when they were young that they could go to a police officer if they were lost or needed help. Now, I question what I have taught my children, and I wonder is it safe for a black male to approach the police. What’s going on, in the famous words of Marvin Gaye. Can I no longer teach my sons that the police are safe. Now must I teach them to avoid the police at all cost, that the police may see you as a target. I sense the fear of parents of young black men. Can our sons be safe in the streets. Can they not dress and speak as we did, to their individual taste and not be seen as a thug.
I am so concerned of the state of black men in America. Are Americans so afraid of black men that anything they do is a reason to shoot them. As a mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt, I shout from the top of my lungs. Stop the killing, and the madness. I demand that police get education on how to avoid cultural biases. That they are taught to ask questions before they shoot. When a man lifts his hands in surrender, with no gun in sight, that this is not the time to shoot. When police kill innocent people they should be held accountable. It should be public record when police kill.
Through it all, we have to respect the law, I will teach my sons to be men, to refuse to live in fear. To respect others, mostly to respect yourself. It is detrimental to our young men’s health to act like a thug. Be who you are, live your life, expecting and knowing that you are a child of God, your birthright is freedom, justice and equality. I will pray for your safety, for your growth both mentally, physically, and spiritually. I will demand justice for you, I will use my voice to keep you safe. I only ask as a mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt; that you not kill your own, and you stand strong for equality of all just as your ancestors did.IMG_0472-0.JPG


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