Quit Playing Small and Walk In Your Greatness


As I thought about this topic I remembered a conversation I had with a very dear friend. We were thinking back to all the times we had played small. I remembered saying to her that I had played small so many times in my life, that I had to make a conscious effort to honor my accomplishments. I have worked and made some significant improvements in this area, but I have to be aware of my tendency to “play small.” What do I mean by playing small. It is those little incidents, where you do not acknowledge your accomplishments, and how hard you worked to accomplish them. An example, may be when you, perhaps let a colleague get all the praise on a project that you basically did all the research and work to complete. However, she/he presented it, owned and got the recognition. Owning your accomplishments, is not arrogance; it is respecting yourself for a job well done. Owning your accomplishments, is not overshadowing anyone else; it is standing comfortably in who you are,and encouraging others to do the same.
When we play small we are not doing ourselves or anyone else a favor. It is a false humility, that causes us to devalue ourselves and others. Playing small is devaluing yourself to make someone else feel good. When you really examine playing small, it is a very egotistical trait. Your really saying to someone, you cannot handle my accomplishments so I will just meet you at your level. When you bring all of yourself to the table, you are encouraging others to do likewise; therefor everyone is coming into the relationship as equals. When we walk in the fullness of our divinity, our life becomes a praise of gratitude to our Creator. God knew us before he formed us in our mothers womb,we are all set apart for specific task and functions. We are set apart and and internally blessed with a measure of greatness to do what we are place on the earth to do. When we cannot find value and worth in ourselves we set the stage for others to devalue us. God has blessed me with many gifts and talents, some I have not even tapped into. He has also blessed you with talents, and gifts that the world needs. The use of our talents and gifts is a way of allowing God to use you in service to humanity.
When you walk in your greatness, you set the stage and make room for everyone, to own their greatness. God smiles, because his earth mission is on progress.



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