Finding The Other Side Of A Rainbow


The past year my heart was truly broken. The person I loved married someone else . It was at that moment devastating. I mourned the loss of this dream , felt rejected, and wondered how could God let this happen. Then, I met the most amazing man. We are so different, yet the same. He treasures me, and I am a priority in his life.
I realize I deserve more, it’s funny how when you open your heart to receive God’s best, He gives it to you. God’s best is so different than your best. When you give your hopes , dreams and desires to Him , he will pour out blessings you can’t even comprehend. He has truly done that for me.
So when you think that what you wanted just walked out your life, know that God has left the door open for your true gift. Keep your eyes on the prize, the unlimited possibilities that God has for you. Just be open!
The other side of the rainbow is awesome!!!!!