Going Through


  It may sound like a weird title but it is really befitting for many people. What is going through? Going through means you are going through a very difficult time in life. When things are not what you imagined they would be. It’s the loss of a lover or job, getting diagnosed with an illness. It really is one of the most difficult times of your life.
   It is those times in your life, when you may say, “I don’t know how I am going to make it through this.” The only way from point A to point B is to go through. It’s bracing yourself for the ride, and going through the situation until you get to the other side of this mountain. The secret to going through any situation is trusting God! Knowing that you will not be alone in this situation. That God has you, and that you can pull from, His Strength and power to get though any situation. An essential part of trusting God is giving the situation over to Him , and just letting go.
    Breathe, allow God to show you the way, hold on and know, “That this too shall pass”. This scripture causes you to remember all the times God has brought you through something, and once again, He will bring you through this too. As you are going through this dark tunnels in life, as you near the end of the tunnel, and see the ligh, you realize, I will make it through this. You relax and breath because you know you have made it through. Then it occurs to you that as you were going through that tunnel something happened, you matured, you became wiser. Going through does, after all have some benefits, you become a better person.



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