Passion and Desire


  Questions of what is my purpose here , and what would you have me to do Lord? Ring through my head, I ask God help me find these answers, He says, look around the answers are all around you. I look around I see nothing. Yet everything, the books, I read, what I am driven to research , all lead to spirit. I love spiritual books, I ask spiritual questions, and I love people, all kinds of people. I write about spiritual things, and I listen to spiritual teachers. This is my passion. To teach and share this spiritual journey, that at some point we find ourselves on .
God says what feeds your passion is my desire for you. You are my beloved , that which you love and feel passionate about , is the seed of your destiny, I placed it deep in your spirit. Your passion to seek and find answers nourishes this seed of desire.
  You God are my passion and desire and to share my journey of knowing and trusting in you is my desire .



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