Unplugging from the Matrix


Is the life we live in our every day world real ? We wake up, we get our coffee, we go to work , come home, care for the kids, get everyone to bed and do the same the next day. We are fed, what to think , feel, and how to act by society. Is this the dream or is it real. Living how you are taught to; work for someone else, get a great job, have 2 kids, get married, and don ‘t break the rules. This essentially, is living in the “Matrix”. For many , this is reality, and it is comfortable never to question the norms of society. Never question the government, your religious upbringing or what you have been taught in school. Then there are those , who seem to have been born to question everything. These are the ones who seem to be born with a spiritual immune system to the norms of society. Then there are those who are sick and tired of the rat race of the day to day, and want to get out.
Wherever , you find yourself in the spectrum of wanting to unplug from the matrix, it all begins with the thought that you don’t have to live your life the way you were taught .
As Morpheus stated in the movie, “The Matrix:”
You take the blue pill- the story ends , you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill- you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. I am not condoning the use of drugs , but the pills are metaphors for either living in fear, or releasing your fear and following the path to self discovery. So how do we unplug?
   – Start by seeking, as the bible states , Seek and you shall find , knock and the door will be open. Meaning ask questions seek the answers, and don’t let fear keep you from seeking .
   -Acknowledge the truth when it is found during your journey of seeking. When you seek, you will begin to go down the rabbit hole, people and things may change. Truth will prevail, and it may go against everything you were taught.
   -Face your fears , fear will present itself during this journey. Trust God, trust yourself and move forward .
   -Live in unconditional love, this is a process. Start by loving yourself first, and then others; as we are all one, and interconnected. Know that though you are awakening, others around you may not be. Love them anyway, and keep moving forward.
   -Commit to following your inner voice inside. Your God voice, that guides and directs you. Your on the right path keep going!
   – Stay fluid , in forward motion, moving from knowledge and truth. Realizing this is the call to your higher self.
Trust me this journey is not for the faint of heart, it will cost you. However, it is worth the journey. Trust me once you are awaken, you will soon be on the path to helping others unplug.



Passion and Desire


  Questions of what is my purpose here , and what would you have me to do Lord? Ring through my head, I ask God help me find these answers, He says, look around the answers are all around you. I look around I see nothing. Yet everything, the books, I read, what I am driven to research , all lead to spirit. I love spiritual books, I ask spiritual questions, and I love people, all kinds of people. I write about spiritual things, and I listen to spiritual teachers. This is my passion. To teach and share this spiritual journey, that at some point we find ourselves on .
God says what feeds your passion is my desire for you. You are my beloved , that which you love and feel passionate about , is the seed of your destiny, I placed it deep in your spirit. Your passion to seek and find answers nourishes this seed of desire.
  You God are my passion and desire and to share my journey of knowing and trusting in you is my desire .


Relgion vs Spirituality


It is such a popular term these days to say I am more Spiritual than Religious. Sometimes I chuckle at the cliches’ of today. One would first have determine what is religious and what is Spiritual. To be religious, means you participate in a more organized form of rites, tradition doctrine, and rituals.
Whereas, Spirituality is more about communing with the divine, this communion, can be experienced on a more personal level. Neither is right or wrong, but a preference of how you connect with God. Each has its benefits; with organized Religion the are benefits of being in a organized committee of believers, you can provide greater services to the world, foster growth among the group, instill order, that meets the need for many people. However, with Spirituality, you can seek your own path, commune with God on a more personal level, although, you also can meet with like minded people. I really believe it all comes down to a question of personal preference. It also comes down to how you define yourself and your relationship with your Creator.
Personally, I feel I am both, I enjoy some aspect of organized religion. Meeting together, with the defined purpose of worshiping God, is an awesome experience for me.The worship experience, with all that are called for that purpose is revelatory, in that atmosphere new dimensions of God can be revealed. Then, there are those moments, which are quite frequent when I need no other, I just want to meet with my Heavenly Father alone and bask in his presence. Acknowledge the fact that I need Him, rely on Him, and totally trust him. These are the times when I do not need organized rules and dogma to be with my Abba. I need quiet and focus, in order to hear his voice. As I think of it, what I desire most is not religion or even spirituality; but a relationship with My God. Both religion and Spirituality have their place, but Relationship fits me just fine.
The decline in church membership, has caused many to study this religious vs spiritual phenomena. Studies show that 1 in 5 Americans (Empty Pews:Everyone Is Misreading the Numbers of Religious Unaffiliated) identify themselves as Spiritual but not religious. I believe many of those have just become disenchanted with organized religion, and on a quest to find their own path. I too have felt this way even now I find more solace in my personal time with God. Still, there is a place in me that longs to fellowship with other believers. Religion can be spiritual, that is my premise, we don’t have to define our experience but live it daily. Think about it, and once again my answer is, it is not about being defined but having a relationship with God. So what is my religious affiliation, “I have a relationship with My God”.