Living Through Your Pain


Sometime in this blog I am very transparent. However, I believe transparency births authenticity. Recently, I ended a two year relationship with someone I cared about very deeply. It would be more accurate to say he ended the relationship. Through, this transition, I have grown. I realized that I saw things in the relationship that were just not there. I let the dream of what I wanted replace the reality of what was really happening. Suffice it to say that, I was really hurt when what was real presented itself. Now, I am in the process of healing. Where does healing begin when your heart is broken, and things did not go as planned. Healing begins with forgiveness, I had to forgive myself for not seeing what was real, forgive him for not always being truthful. Secondly,I had to ask the question, what am I to learn from this. For my situation, I had to learn to be who God created me to be. To trust God, even when things are not turning out the way you hoped they would, and to know that God has your best interest in his mind. Finally, it came home to me that what God has for me, is for me, and nothing or no one can can change that.
Living through a painful place has some positives , if you can believe that. This is a time of restoration, part of the gift of restoration is expectancy, which encourages faith. You will come to a place on this road, when you realize that; in order to take the next step of the journey you will have to have faith. The faith that affirms that God will take you through this process not bitter, but better.Especially, if you can open your heart and mind to receive the gift of change. Take, each moment through this journey, to allow yourself to process the series of emotions you are feeling. Also don’t refuse to experience any moments of joy or laughter, that life can bring you in the present moment. In the words of a very wise woman I know, my daughter, “Be Kind to yourself”. This is a delicate time, take time for yourself, and do little things you enjoy. Finally, spend time with God, listen to that still small voice God within you. He will guide you all through this process of loss. Remarkably, at the end of this process if you have faith, you will receive a wonderful gift, you!