Living on Purpose


 Living life on purpose, means living life with a vision and faith. It’s takes faith, discipline, the ability to make wise choices. How do you live life on purpose, well lets talk about it. It starts with your vision for your life. Have you thought about your hopes, dreams and desires? What are you doing about them. It is never to late to go after them. We are often our own biggest obstacle from accomplishing our dreams. Fear, is usually the emotion that keeps us captive, and stagnant.
  Well let us break free from fear, what are you afraid of? Most times your fears are not real, but an illusion held by false beliefs. If you really want the life you desire, you have to go after it with a tenacious drive. Trust God, He is so good, and only wants good for you.
So here are some steps to consider:
     1) Write you vision. The bible states write the vision make it plain.
     2) Go for it, what are the small steps you can take, do. Break your goals down first in manageable steps, then big steps, next the unbelievable steps. The unbelievable steps, are the ones you give, to God with faith, and expectation. They will happen, trust God!
     3) Share your vision with only those, who will truly celebrate your success,remember that your vision is just that;your vision, others may not understand.
    4) Pray, all along the way, ask God to order your footsteps. He will direct your paths every step along the way.
    5) See yourself doing what you desire, take time each day to meditate, pray, and visualize yourself doing what you dream about. Listen to God for instructions.
    6) Study those who have successfully blazed the trail before you. Research, seek out those mentors, and remember, that if it happened for them it is possible for you too.
You can do it, live on purpose! Begin to question anything that distracts you, is it really necessary? Only you can answer that question.



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