Hearing God


I have had people ask me, “Does God talk to you?” Yes, He does and He can talk to you too. Conversations with God is not limited to a privileged few, but to all those who diligently seek Him. God desires to spend time with you, and if you are open to hear Him, He is so open and willing to speak to you.
When God speaks to you it is that still small quiet voice from within that directs you in a righteous direction. The Spirit of the Living God lives in you and is there to direct and guide you, He is that still small voice inside of you.
God’s voice directs you in righteousness, His voice lines up with the scriptures. His voice lines up with right living, and right thinking. For instance, God would never tell you to pursue a relationship with a married man or woman.
If and when you pray, if you include listening for God’s direction in your prayers as part of your prayer process, your prayer life will be more fruitful. The process of prayer is like having a conversation, you talk, then you listen. Listening is one of the most important aspects of prayer. Most people think offering up their request is the most important aspect, and many times you pray, ask for your request, offer praise, and then end your prayer. That is like walking away from someone in the middle of the conversation. Listening for God’s response is so important in prayer. The period of waiting for the response of God is an awesome place; because this is where you can get direction, guidance, reassurance, and encouragement. So remember listen, and wait with expectancy, for that still small, yet powerful voice of God; inside of you. For this is the place, of a wellspring of wisdom and spiritual direction. God talks to you, be quite and listen!



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