Webster defines resiliency as, an occurrence of rebounding or springing back. Life has a way of teaching us the art of being resilient. To recover readily from adversity, depression, or the like. If you haven’t learned the skill of being resilient then you can become stagnant in a place you no longer belong. Many people stay in a stagnant place because it is comfortable, and to move on takes strength, courage, and the foresight to know you have to move in another direction.
To be resilient requires action, and a commitment to the process of moving ahead. To become resilient is a process, a decision, and a choice. After a loss or transition in your life, you have two choices you can keep doing the things you have been doing, or you can change and do something different.In this case to move in another direction, forward.
So how do you begin the process of bouncing back after a loss, listed below are some suggestions:
-Take the time to heal, be kind to yourself.
-Ask God for help and guidance in this situation, and listen quietly for that direction. It is the still small voice in you that leads you to a positive direction.
– Make the decision to move forward,after weighing the pros and cons; and realizing that to move forward is the best choice for you. In relationships, this is the time to ask; can this relationship be salvaged? If the answer is no, then begin the process of moving forward.
-Gather your support systems, those who are supportive, positive, and caring.
– Forgive yourself and others. To release the old and move toward the new.
– Don’t worry about the time it takes to heal just stay in the process, and allow the healing to transpire. Don’t rush it.
– Get the physical, emotional, or spiritual help you need.
Just begin, even small steps are counted on your journey to being the resilient being that you are. Finally, ask yourself and God what was the lesson you were to learn? You can do it, begin the process of bouncing back!




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