Living Single


Ah, the single life, many people can become depressed with the thought that they are Single. Let me remind you being single does not necessarily mean you are alone. It means you are a single person living life with all those in your sphere of influence. There are married people who live alone. It is totally a matter of perspective.
My question is, “How can you live your best life single” this is so possible. You say how? Change your perspective, change your thinking. Being single is not necessarily something you go through until you find a partner.Being single is a lifestyle, that you make for yourself. It’s a decision to live your life fully now, whether you have a partner or not. Sometimes, we wait on life to change, only to realize we have wasted precious time waiting on the change.
So how can you enjoy being single now. Dream, what it is you would you like to do, whether you are single or married. What does your best life look like, and see it in your mind’s eye. Take the time to visualize it, and see yourself doing the things your dreaming about. Now ask yourself, what is holding me back. Is it fear, or the excuse I couldn’t do that by myself. Well, next take the leap of faith, and do at least one of the things you visualized, no matter how big or small. After you have done it, stop, to congratulate yourself on living your best life, and then go for the next step of your dream. Enjoy life, do what you enjoy, surround yourself with those you love who bring you joy. Before you know it you are enjoying your life. As Nike says, “Just Do It!”



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