Webster defines resiliency as, an occurrence of rebounding or springing back. Life has a way of teaching us the art of being resilient. To recover readily from adversity, depression, or the like. If you haven’t learned the skill of being resilient then you can become stagnant in a place you no longer belong. Many people stay in a stagnant place because it is comfortable, and to move on takes strength, courage, and the foresight to know you have to move in another direction.
To be resilient requires action, and a commitment to the process of moving ahead. To become resilient is a process, a decision, and a choice. After a loss or transition in your life, you have two choices you can keep doing the things you have been doing, or you can change and do something different.In this case to move in another direction, forward.
So how do you begin the process of bouncing back after a loss, listed below are some suggestions:
-Take the time to heal, be kind to yourself.
-Ask God for help and guidance in this situation, and listen quietly for that direction. It is the still small voice in you that leads you to a positive direction.
– Make the decision to move forward,after weighing the pros and cons; and realizing that to move forward is the best choice for you. In relationships, this is the time to ask; can this relationship be salvaged? If the answer is no, then begin the process of moving forward.
-Gather your support systems, those who are supportive, positive, and caring.
– Forgive yourself and others. To release the old and move toward the new.
– Don’t worry about the time it takes to heal just stay in the process, and allow the healing to transpire. Don’t rush it.
– Get the physical, emotional, or spiritual help you need.
Just begin, even small steps are counted on your journey to being the resilient being that you are. Finally, ask yourself and God what was the lesson you were to learn? You can do it, begin the process of bouncing back!




Living Single


Ah, the single life, many people can become depressed with the thought that they are Single. Let me remind you being single does not necessarily mean you are alone. It means you are a single person living life with all those in your sphere of influence. There are married people who live alone. It is totally a matter of perspective.
My question is, “How can you live your best life single” this is so possible. You say how? Change your perspective, change your thinking. Being single is not necessarily something you go through until you find a partner.Being single is a lifestyle, that you make for yourself. It’s a decision to live your life fully now, whether you have a partner or not. Sometimes, we wait on life to change, only to realize we have wasted precious time waiting on the change.
So how can you enjoy being single now. Dream, what it is you would you like to do, whether you are single or married. What does your best life look like, and see it in your mind’s eye. Take the time to visualize it, and see yourself doing the things your dreaming about. Now ask yourself, what is holding me back. Is it fear, or the excuse I couldn’t do that by myself. Well, next take the leap of faith, and do at least one of the things you visualized, no matter how big or small. After you have done it, stop, to congratulate yourself on living your best life, and then go for the next step of your dream. Enjoy life, do what you enjoy, surround yourself with those you love who bring you joy. Before you know it you are enjoying your life. As Nike says, “Just Do It!”


Soul Quest


This past year has been a year of growth for me. My consciousness is expanding, it has not always been a pleasant experience, but it has caused me to grow. I have grown spiritually, and mentally. I have faced old beliefs, and old belief systems, looked at them, and removed those that no longer serve the person I am today. Religion, and orthodox religion no longer answers the questions of my soul. I am longer fearful of asking the question that come from the city of my soul.
I call this spiritual journey, that I am embarking on my soul quest. It is an actual journey into the inner reaches of my soul. Some use the soul and the spirit interchangeably, but I have discovered the soul as that place deep in you where an interaction takes place between you and God, these interaction then aide your transformation to your perfected self. It is your inner God School. Whereas, your Spirit is your perfected self in God.
How do you take this quest or take the journey inward to the depths of your soul. It is in stillness, as in, “Be still and know that I am God”. In quiet meditation, you hear God, he teaches you, if you listen. Even in church settings, you cannot hear God as well as when you sit in stillness. In this journey inward I recognize the soul as this living organism, and I commune with all that is divine there. I learn, I sense and I feel. After my communion I realize I have received profound answers to question I have only dared to ask, who am I, why am I here, and what would you have me to do. Sometimes I have to breathe to hear the answers, sometimes I have to muster up the courage to hear or see the answers in front of me. Sometimes,I have to do work on me. Teachers come into my path who show me the way. This journey is thrilling, and is an adventure. It is not for the faint of heart. It will take all of who you are, and all of who you are created to be, to answer the call. So, how about you, are you ready for your Soul Quest?