Making the Right Choice For You


There are many choices one has to make in life,and the secret to making choices that are right for you; is knowing yourself. Most corporations operate from the mission statement they have developed for their company. I truly believe that an individual should have a mission statement for their life, and operate their life from their personal mission statement. Think about it for a few minutes. What would your personal mission statement be? How would it encompass your deepest desires, dreams and passions?
After coming up with your personal mission statement, that states your passion and your contribution to your community and the world. It should be short and straight to the point of who you are and who you hope to be. Then when making decisions you apply it to your goals and mission statement.
As I often state,following the guidance of the spirit within is of the utmost importance. Next make your decisions based on the goals of your mission statement. Also, consider how your decision will affect your family. Take time to contemplate the pros and cons. Never make important decisions when you are angry or frustrated. Take fear based decisions out of the equation, and don’t make a decision based on fear and intimidation; for any decision made from a place of fear is not for your highest purpose. Finally, “Trust God” trust Him that he will see you through the process of decision making. Even if you perceive you have made a wrong decision, look for the lesson to be learned. Live your life fully and enjoy life.



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