Ode to the Mothers: A Mothers Cry For the Trayvon’s


My heart is heavy I carry the burden of many black mothers as we have lost sons and daughters to violence, deception, and preconceived notions of who people assume our sons and daughters to be. I cry for Justice for our children, I cry for them to be free to be expressive in their dress, and speech, and to pursue individuality for who they are. My tears are blood stained, because our sons are dying in the streets for what they wear, how they speak and act, and America says it is ok to kill them.
As a mother, an aunt, a daughter, a sister, and a friend; I stand tall and I shout , “No More”. The “Stand your ground law” should not be used to justify the killing of a young man. A young man that is seventeen, that experiments and does the things that seventeen year old males do, his character should not be put on trial when, he is the deceased victim in the trial. If neighborhood watch gives you the permission to kill my son then let me watch my on neighborhood. Today I cry, tomorrow I breathe, I forgive, I fight for justice for all. Until there is justice for all there is no justice for anyone, especially if you are young, black, wear a hoodie and like Skittles.




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