Living life like its Golden!


The singer Jill Scott sings a song I really like its called living life like its golden. If we really took that song literally, what would your life look like?
If you really lived life, like it were golden, you would treat your life; like it was precious, you would treasure every moment. You would treat your relationships, your passions, and desires like jewels in a treasure chest.
Another important aspect of living your life like its golden would be, the value of your time. You would not waste your precious time on frivolous nonsense. Like sitting in front of a television for hours watching others fulfill their dreams. You would fill your precious time pursuing those things that bring you passion and joy.
Living your life like its golden means valuing wisdom. Wisdom allows you to make the choices in life that produces the most positive results for your life, and those you love. Wisdom is the door to continued success. Wisdom is living a life guided by the spirit of God in you.
Living a golden life is being careful who you allow in your inner circle. You may have many acquaintances, but choose your friends wisely. Surround yourself with those who encourage, support, and are honest with you.
Finally living your life like its golden is loving you, and knowing that you deserve the best, and not settling for less than you deserve. That is not entitlement, it is a confident knowing that the creator of the universe wants you to live an abundant life; and, that is the life you deserve to live. So go on, “Live your life, like its golden, golden!”



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