What is a Practical Christian


I have often been asked this question by my Christian right friends. A part of me wants to answer, as I often do, “Shouldn’t we all practice Christianity from a very real and practical standpoint.” For me, being a Practical Christian is embodying the Christ principals to the fullest. Loving my brother as myself, seeing every human as that; human and a child of God. Each of us a part of this colorful, beautiful array of the oneness and the Divine of God. It’s not just, political, or spiritual, it is actually all that I am in God, and living and being all that I am in God, in a very day to day; and practical way.
Being a practical or progressive Christian, both words being interchangeable; is a growing life process for me. It encompasses, self-reflection, self-examination, time spent with God, learning, reaching, seeking, and spending time with fellow believers. Being a Practical Christian is just that, to be, to live, and to speak, as one who follows the Christ principals in “Spirit and in Truth”. As I grow in my relationship with God, I am empowered to live a life of fullness and great joy. The joy and peace I feel is inward and flows outward, it is the attraction to who Christ is in me. It is also speaking and living Christ. Speaking up for those, who are unjustly treated, and standing on divine truths. It’s spirituality advocating for the human rights of all people.
Ultimately, each person’s path to God is just that; their path to God. My personal mission is to honor all on their spiritual journal along their spiritual path.



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