Making the Right Choice For You


There are many choices one has to make in life,and the secret to making choices that are right for you; is knowing yourself. Most corporations operate from the mission statement they have developed for their company. I truly believe that an individual should have a mission statement for their life, and operate their life from their personal mission statement. Think about it for a few minutes. What would your personal mission statement be? How would it encompass your deepest desires, dreams and passions?
After coming up with your personal mission statement, that states your passion and your contribution to your community and the world. It should be short and straight to the point of who you are and who you hope to be. Then when making decisions you apply it to your goals and mission statement.
As I often state,following the guidance of the spirit within is of the utmost importance. Next make your decisions based on the goals of your mission statement. Also, consider how your decision will affect your family. Take time to contemplate the pros and cons. Never make important decisions when you are angry or frustrated. Take fear based decisions out of the equation, and don’t make a decision based on fear and intimidation; for any decision made from a place of fear is not for your highest purpose. Finally, “Trust God” trust Him that he will see you through the process of decision making. Even if you perceive you have made a wrong decision, look for the lesson to be learned. Live your life fully and enjoy life.



Ode to the Mothers: A Mothers Cry For the Trayvon’s


My heart is heavy I carry the burden of many black mothers as we have lost sons and daughters to violence, deception, and preconceived notions of who people assume our sons and daughters to be. I cry for Justice for our children, I cry for them to be free to be expressive in their dress, and speech, and to pursue individuality for who they are. My tears are blood stained, because our sons are dying in the streets for what they wear, how they speak and act, and America says it is ok to kill them.
As a mother, an aunt, a daughter, a sister, and a friend; I stand tall and I shout , “No More”. The “Stand your ground law” should not be used to justify the killing of a young man. A young man that is seventeen, that experiments and does the things that seventeen year old males do, his character should not be put on trial when, he is the deceased victim in the trial. If neighborhood watch gives you the permission to kill my son then let me watch my on neighborhood. Today I cry, tomorrow I breathe, I forgive, I fight for justice for all. Until there is justice for all there is no justice for anyone, especially if you are young, black, wear a hoodie and like Skittles.



Living life like its Golden!


The singer Jill Scott sings a song I really like its called living life like its golden. If we really took that song literally, what would your life look like?
If you really lived life, like it were golden, you would treat your life; like it was precious, you would treasure every moment. You would treat your relationships, your passions, and desires like jewels in a treasure chest.
Another important aspect of living your life like its golden would be, the value of your time. You would not waste your precious time on frivolous nonsense. Like sitting in front of a television for hours watching others fulfill their dreams. You would fill your precious time pursuing those things that bring you passion and joy.
Living your life like its golden means valuing wisdom. Wisdom allows you to make the choices in life that produces the most positive results for your life, and those you love. Wisdom is the door to continued success. Wisdom is living a life guided by the spirit of God in you.
Living a golden life is being careful who you allow in your inner circle. You may have many acquaintances, but choose your friends wisely. Surround yourself with those who encourage, support, and are honest with you.
Finally living your life like its golden is loving you, and knowing that you deserve the best, and not settling for less than you deserve. That is not entitlement, it is a confident knowing that the creator of the universe wants you to live an abundant life; and, that is the life you deserve to live. So go on, “Live your life, like its golden, golden!”


Manifesting Goodness


Have you ever been in a place where you are just ready to see the Good in your life come into reality. You have been saying and keeping your thoughts positive, trying to follow the rules of attraction, praying, hoping, waiting, and watching, and still nothing. You seem to be stuck where you are. You ask yourself, how did I get here? I sense there are a lot of people in this place.
First, let me assure you that your righteous desires will come to pass. They are definitely going to happen. Universally we are in a quantum shift. The world as we know it is starting to change, leaving a lot of us in a flux. But, those things you desire will manifest. This is such an important time, your almost there, don’t give up. The question is, how do I maintain in this,”Holding Place”.
Listed below, are some suggestions on moving past this period in your life.
1. Spend quiet time asking God for guidance listen for the answers, they will come.
2. Be prepared, sometimes your breakthrough happens in a moments notice are you prepared? Most times the holding period, is actually a grace period for you to prepare for your hopes and dreams.
3. Use this time for self discovery and evaluation. This is your mental preparation. Combat your fears of abundance, or the fear of going for what you want.
4. Don’t give up. This is the time to put your mental, physical, and spiritual tools to work. Be diligent, and stay the course.
5. Trust God! What he says he will do, will be done. Wait with expectancy. Knowing God’s promises will manifest.
Remember your hopes, dreams, and desires will happen, just be tenacious .